The average guy spends 22 minutes per visit on online dating sites...
And a total of 12 hours per week.*

That’s a whole season of Game of Thrones – in one week!

But that won’t be you.

These smart online dating tips help you spend LESS TIME and meet MORE of the right women.

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How to Meet Women Online:

How to Suggest Meeting & Get a Date

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Online Dating Message Tips:

How to Write a Great First Message

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Online Dating Profile Examples & Tips:

8 Profile Pictures that Help You Meet More Women

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Are You Making These 4 Mistakes in Your Online Dating Profile?

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More Online Dating Tips:

Why Smart Guys Learn the Rules for Online Dating

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Online Dating Success Story: Billy & Alicia

"We're engaged!"
Here's how Billy got Alicia's attention on  Read more  

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* "Marital Satisfaction and Breakups Differ Across On-Line and Off-Line Venues," a 2013 Study by U.S. researchers in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

** "Online Dating: A Critical Analysis From the Perspective of Psychological Science," a 2012 research article published in Psychological Science in the Public Interest