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Jason, 34, autocad Technician

- Jason, 34, an AutoCAD Technician


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This was a good guide! Following the flow of the worksheets, it forces you to realize a lot about yourself, beyond than the hyper-critical mumbo-jumbo we always think about our lives. The hard part ends up being deciding what to cut-out and what to leave in!
— Troy, 33, Account Manager
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I used to have trouble coming up with ideas for my profile because it was hard to write about myself. Now my profile really tells an accurate and compelling story about me.
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PLUS! Get a FREE 3-Point Profile Review from Em!



For the cost of drinks with a date, increase your odds of going on LOTS of dates!

"Page 10 is worth the price of the guide alone! That netted me more responses. But what I read on page 23 gleaned me the MOST responses and triggered the MOST conversation."  

- Matt, 36, an IT Analyst