Custom Full-Service Messaging & Profile Review for Iraklii


Custom Full-Service Messaging & Profile Review for Iraklii


A custom service combining a Message Review & Profile Review

Profile Review Includes:

  • A review of your profile on one dating app (I recommend we focus on Happn)
  • An outline of the content that is negatively affecting your results. After I ID the problem areas, I’ll give you constructive, actionable advice on how to fix these issues (and why you should care). 
  • I’ll also highlight anything you’re doing really well in your profile.  I’ll explain why these are your strengths and why they’re working for you – so you can play to your strengths and put that knowledge to use in other ways. 

Message Review Includes:

  • I’ll review your messages and the women's profiles
  • I’ll zero in on the problem areas in each message. 
  • I’ll explain what didn’t work, why it caused issues for her, and what would have worked better.  
  • If I see the same mistakes in all your messages, I’ll let you know what they are, why it’s a problem, and what would work better.
  • I’ll give you personalized tips on how to improve your messaging game overall.  I make these suggestions based on what I know about you from your profile, your personality, and your natural writing style.

NOTE: to complete this review, you will need to send me screenshots of:

  • Your full profile and all photos
  • 5 of your recent messaging conversations (be sure to include the full length of the conversations, from start to finish)
  • The profiles of the women you had the conversations with
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