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Message Review

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I got a response from [girl’s screenname]! What you have taught me has been very valuable. Thank you for being so thorough and considerate.
— John, 38, a Chiropractor

Message Review

No one replies to your messages.

After reviewing hundreds of clients' messages, I know the most common mistakes men make and how to fix them -- fast!  You need a detailed once-over that will reveal the problems in your messages and outline the solutions. Here's how I'll help you get more replies and more first dates.

Give yourself the upper hand:

1) Send me screenshots of 5 of your best messages.  (Make sure the screenshot includes the usernames and match percentages of the women you messaged.)  Or, you can send me your username and password -- and change your password when I'm done :)

2) I’ll review your messages, your profile, and the women's profiles (I use a private profile for this, or can use your account, if you prefer). 

3) Next, I’ll zero in on the problem areas in each message.  I’ll explain what didn’t work, why it caused issues for her, and what would have worked better.  If I see the same mistakes in all your messages, I’ll let you know what they are, why it’s a problem, and what would work better.

4) Then, I’ll give you personalized tips on how to improve your messaging game overall.  I make these suggestions based on what I know about you from your profile, your personality, and your natural writing style.

BONUS!  Want a second chance with a girl you've messaged?  Let me know.  Based on what I know from your profiles, I’ll suggest a way to message her again.

This changes my tactics significantly. And in a great way! Super insight that I absolutely need to know. FANTASTIC advice. Thanks!
— Andy, 46, a Financial Advisor
Thank you so much for your insight! I did not realize the two issues you pointed out in my messages and profile. Thank you for your help!
— Skylar, 20, a Student
I value your precise advice by paying attention to all the details. Thank you for giving me constructive feedback. I can now proceed with my messaging strategy with confidence. Your advice also applies to communication beyond online dating, and I see that you genuinely care about our success.
— Todd, 50, Park Ranger

Full Profile Review

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Take control of your online dating results!

I can’t thank you enough for what you did. I’m talking to 4 different women and I have a coffee date next week. Thanks so very much.
— Brad, 28, a Health Information Tech
Thank you for this insanely awesome review! These suggestions are fantastic. You are very good at what you do. What you provided was way beyond what I was expecting. Your advice was designed to create a great profile for finding a great match, instead of cut and paste answers and emails setup to play some kind of game. I also like the fact that you are a women who is offering this advice based on real life experience. It’s obvious you put a lot of thought into this, so thank you.
— Tyler, 43, IT Professional

Full Profile Review

Girls look at your profile but never reply to your messages.  

Your profile doesn’t do you justice. I know what women want and the profile mistakes men make. To stand out, you need a trained eye AND someone who really "gets you." My comprehensive client survey will get you there.

Don't trust a sister or friend to give you feedback on your profile.  She can't be objective or completely honest with you – she knows you too well, or doesn't want to hurt your feelings.

I provide an objective perspective, an experienced eye, and feedback that’s knowledgeable, actionable, and honest.  

Here's how it works:

1) To start with, I’ll get to know you better with my comprehensive client survey about your life, interests, passions, values, dating frustrations, and relationship hopes and goals.

2) With that knowledge, I’ll review your full profile – your written profile, your pictures, basic info, and the important questions you’ve answered.  I do this with two priorities in mind: 1) who you are, and 2) what she sees. 

3) Next, I’ll focus in on any mistakes, red flags, and weak areas in your profile that 1) don’t do you justice, and 2) negatively affect how women see you.  

4) I create an outline in writing with the best strategies to revise your profile – covering mistakes made in your current profile, how to fix them, what to highlight most from your client survey, and specific recommendations to do yourself justice online. 

5) We’ll work together in an round of interactive revision, focusing on highlighting what makes you great.  It’s our goal to make sure we’re featuring your strengths and showing your personality to your best advantage.

6) I’ll also help you fill out more of your profile the right way.  For example, if you’re not sure how to word something, I’ll help you express it.  

7) I'll be with you the whole way.  And by the end, I'll know you a lot better.  We’ll review your profile together one more time – so you get feedback from an objective expert and a friend.

It’s working! Had a girl view my profile yesterday, and 5 emails later we are meeting for dinner tonight. You’re the best.
— Troy, 24, a Mechanical Engineer

Troy reported back that it was a great date! And he had another first date lined up the next night!

Thank you very much! Your recommendations have been extremely helpful throughout this process!
— Anthony, 28, an Army Officer

Anthony had never met a girl in person from online dating. A few weeks after hiring me, he locked in a first date with a great girl on OKCupid! They've been together ever since!

Thank you very much for the in-depth review of my profiles. Both profiles read significantly better following your review and kind recommendations. Thank you also for such detailed responses to my questions and clarifications, too. I really appreciate the work you have done — it’s exceeded my expectations!
— Barry, 32, Consultant


Profile Creation + Skype Call with Em

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Take control of your online dating results!

I just started talking to someone, with my new profile, and we have so, so much in common. I’m really excited to see what happens.

I really want to thank you. I’ve received a lot of positive response from my new profile. You definitely know what you are doing.
— Matt, 32, a Marketing Director

Profile Creation + Skype with Em

You’re totally new to online dating.  Or, you know your profile is weak... But you have no clue where to start.

I’m glad you’re here!  It’s good to know guys like you exist – guys who make an effort and take time to do things right. You need a great profile! 

After countless men asked me to "write" their profiles for them, I developed a custom process to create profiles for my clients -- painlessly, in their own words, with very little writing involved!

Using my comprehensive client survey and just one 45-minute Skype call, we'll create a profile together that will do you justice, make you feel confident, and make you stand out online.

Here's how it works:

1) To start with, I’ll get to know you better with my comprehensive client survey about your life, interests, passions, values, dating frustrations, and relationship hopes and goals.

2) Then, in our 45-minute Skype session, I'll dig a little deeper.  I want to find out what makes you different from other guys, the unique things that make you tick, and the special ways you’re a great catch.

3) After our session, I’ll create an outline for your whole profile.  This will be a detailed list based on what I’ve learned about your personality, passions, lifestyle, and the girl you’re looking for.

My outline will make your job easy.  All you’ll need to do is connect the dots with your own words. 

4) After you’ve completed your profile, I’ll review it for you.  I’ll also help you avoid the usual profile mistakes that other guys make. 

5) Then, I’ll walk you through a round of revisions.  It’s our goal to make sure we’re highlighting your strengths and showing your personality to your best advantage. 

6) When you’re ready to choose profile pictures, I’ll help with that, too!  Great profile pictures are only part of the game.  It’s also important that your pictures look like you – and also seem happy, interesting, and non-threatening.  We’ll work together until we’ve got a great starting lineup!

When we’re done, you’ll have a great profile and your best profile pictures. 

You’ll feel confident you’re putting your best self out there – but also your real self.  Because that’s who’s going to get the girl!

BONUS: Get a Message Review, FREE!  Check back in with me after you’ve had time to look around and send some messages.  We’ll talk about how things are working out, and I’ll review some of your best messages.  Then, we’ll work together from there to make sure you’re writing great messages…and on your way to finding a great girl.

I think the profile we set up gets across who I am in a great way. I definitely feel confident about using it!
— Andrew, 26, IT Professional
It was really fun talking on the phone and learning how women think. It was very enlightening and informative, since I don’t have a great deal of online dating experience! Your insight is so valuable. Thanks so much.
— Andy, 46, a Financial Advisor


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