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Dating App Profile & Texting Review

You don’t match with the girls you want — or texting never turns to meeting.

After reviewing hundreds of clients’ profiles and messages, I know the most common mistakes men make and how to fix them fast!  You need a detailed once-over that will reveal the problems in your profile or texts and outline solutions to implement ASAP.


OK, your Bumble rewrite is f***ing insane. Totally worth it.
— Andrew, 33, an Attorney
The photos you recommended I add to my profile made a huge difference. I’d only had a single match before. After your feedback, I had three in one night!
— Joseph, 29, a Marketing Officer


Here’s how I help you get more right swipes, replies, and first dates:

1) To start with, I’ll get to know you better with my comprehensive client survey about your life, interests, passions, values, dating frustrations, and relationship hopes and goals. 

2) You’ll send me screenshots of your profile on Bumble, Hinge, Tinder, etc., as well as 5 of your recent text exchanges.

3) I’ll review your profile with two priorities in mind: 1) who you are, and 2) what she sees.  

4) I’ll create a new outline for your profile.  This will be a detailed recommendation for what to include, based on what I’ve learned about your personality, passions, lifestyle, and the girl you’re looking for.

5) I’ll review and help you choose your best profile pictures, too!  We’ll work together until we’ve got a great starting lineup.

6) I’ll review your texts (and the girls’ profiles, too, if you include those screenshots!) I’ll zero in on the problem areas in each message and I’ll explain what didn’t work, why it caused issues for her, and what would have worked better.  If I see the same mistakes in all your messages, I’ll let you know what they are, why it’s a problem, and what would work better.

7) Then, I’ll give you personalized tips on how to improve your messaging game overall.  I make these suggestions based on what I know about you from your profile, your personality, and your natural writing style.

BONUS!  Want a second chance with a girl you’ve matched with?  Let me know.  Based on what I know from your profiles, I’ll suggest a way to text her again.

App Profile & Texting Review



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Client Testimonials

I got a response from [girl’s name]! What you have taught me has been very valuable. Thank you for being so thorough and considerate.
— John, 38, a Chiropractor
Thank you for this insanely awesome review! These suggestions are fantastic. Your advice was designed to create a great profile for finding a great match, instead of cut and paste texts setup to play some kind of game. I also like the fact that you are a women who is offering this advice based on real life experience. You are very good at what you do.
— Tyler, 43, IT Professional
This changes my tactics significantly. And in a great way! Super insight that I absolutely need to know. FANTASTIC advice. Thanks!
— Andy, 46, a Financial Advisor

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