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What’s your current challenge?


You don’t match with the girls you want. Texting on Tinder never turns to meeting.


Your profile doesn’t do you justice. No one replies to your messages on OkCupid.


You’re nervous every time. First dates never turn into second dates and you don’t know why.

Let’s meet. We’ll figure out the problem and implement the solution! 

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Dating IRL: In-Person Date Coaching with Em

For Good Guys Who Want to Ace First Dates



Now Booking: 
London, NYC, Philadelphia, Boston, DC, Austin, Nashville & By Request
& Cities Globally by Request



Real life & love happen away from the screen. 

Gain the confidence you need to meet girls in person.

The online dating game begins on-screen but it’s won or lost off-screen.  Meeting IRL (in real life) is where the magic happens, where the chemistry sparks, and where you first think, “Damn, I could really like this person.”

Master the first date.

Meeting in person comes with its own set of unique challenges and decisions: 

 – What should you talk about?
 – How much should you ask her about her life?
 – How much should you reveal about yourself?
 – Should you flirt or make physical contact (and how)?
 – Where should you meet, and what time of day? 
 – What should you wear, or eat or drink (and how much)? …And who should pay?
 – How do you tell if she wants to go on a second date?

On top of that, what unfolds in the moment is often more powerful than anything we’ve planned for.  Some of it can be great (her smile when she first sees you, or when the conversation flows so easily it’s like no time has passed at all). 

But it’s often unintentional or accidental behavior that can cause a date to take a dark turn – and leave a girl feeling uncomfortable, underwhelmed, or hurt…and crush the chances of a second date.

Here’s some of what I’ve experienced on first dates, all from otherwise smart, kind, well-meaning guys:

 – Not knowing which questions to ask…so asking no questions
 – Fidgeting awkwardly
 – Not knowing how to flirt a tiny bit and accidentally negging me
 – Nervously monologuing or talking over me
 – Not knowing how to find common ground in conversation
 – Confusing me with other girls they’re texting with
 – Not knowing how to say hello or goodbye with simple physical contact
 – Not knowing how to follow up confidently after the date

What if a girl could tell you exactly what it’s like to be on a date with you – and what you could do to make it a great date?

Increase your confidence with in-person date practice, honest, actionable feedback, and strategic coaching.

Dating IRL is a personalized 6-step program that we design around YOU and your own personal dating goals and challenges.

Together, we address all of dating challenges and decisions listed above – the preparation you can control, as well as the unintentional behavior that you can learn to spot (and stop) in the moment, and what you can do instead to have more successful first dates.

Dating IRL is not about teaching you to be a player, an aggressive flirt, or someone you’re not. 

It’s simply about bringing out your true and best self by getting clear on what makes you a catch, practicing in a date scenario, identifying and improving on what needs work, and helping you gain the confidence you need to show up comfortably as yourself on a first date.  (Because that’s when the really good shit happens.)


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Pricing starts at $399.

Or, scroll down to learn the 6 steps of the program.


Not required, but I’d love to learn more about you and why you’re interested in working with me through in-person date coaching!

Program Outline & Objectives:

Step 1: Application Phase

You send me an email at the form above or below (or menaskem@gmail.com) to let me know you’re interested in working together. 

I send you an application form, a custom quote (pricing starts at $399), and the dates I’m scheduled to be in your city (or, possible dates for you to travel to a nearby city where I will be working).

You complete the application if you are committed to completing the program. 

Step 2: We Look at What We Know – Who You Are

When your application is approved and payment is made, you complete my in-depth client questionnaire that helps me get to know the real you and learn about your life, interests, passions, values, dating frustrations, and relationship hopes and goals.

We schedule a 90-minute Skype or Google Hangout video call to talk in more depth about who you are, how well that is (or is not!) reflected on your dating profiles, and your specific first date experiences – what you perceive to be your unique strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and any questions you may have.

We create an outline of your goals and all the areas you (and we) have identified that you want to practice, improve upon, and master.

Step 3: We Look at What We Don’t Know – How You Behave on a First Date

We meet for coffee or tea and simulate a daytime date together. 

This is the first time we are meeting in person throughout this process; the object is for this to feel as much like a real first date as is possible.  For roughly one hour we will behave as if we are on a date; your interaction, conversation, and behavior with me should be as close to your normal date behavior as possible.  

Step 4: We Look at the Facts – Debriefing Your Date Behavior

Following our simulated date, we break for a one-hour reflection period

When we reconvene, we review the experience of the date together and discuss our observations: what went well, what could be improved upon, what you could do more of, do less of, and what you can begin doing or thinking about immediately to address these observations. 

Together, we create an actionable game plan for you to begin to achieve these goals.

Step 5: We Look at a Real Situation – Reviewing a Recent Date or Text Exchange

You bring to our meeting several examples of recent dating experiences – first dates, text exchanges before/after a first date, or texting/messaging that did not lead to a first date. 

We review these together to pinpoint problem areas, actionable ways for you to improve upon those, highlight what you are doing well, and note opportunities for you to continue to do well in future interactions and first dates.

Step 6: We Look at Your Progress – Checking in Before/After Your Next Date

Next time you have a date coming up, we touch base over a 30-minute Skype or Google Hangout video call to review the areas you identified to work on, practice in any key challenging areas, and talk through what you could do that would make this date a success based on the goals we defined for you together. 

Following your date, we debrief your experience in a 30-minute Skype or Google Hangout video call to determine what went well, what you will continue to work on, and how you will make the second date even better than the first.  

Start living your real life. 

Life and love happen away from the screen, with the people we choose to take a chance with, connect with, and share our real selves with. 

Being good at dating is not about being someone you’re not.  It’s about gaining the confidence you need to meet new people, to be curious about them and open about yourself, to own who you are, and show up as your true self. 

Because that’s when the good stuff happens.  That’s when she’ll know it’s you when she meets you.  

Let’s make that happen.


Make it happen:

Reach out via this short form or email me: menaskem@gmail.com

2018 Schedule:

Ongoing – London
Ongoing – Philadelphia
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Ongoing – Washington DC
July – St. Petersburg, FL
July – Ithaca, NY
August – Boston, MA
September – Nashville, TN
October – Austin, TX


Not required, but I’d love learning more about you and why you’re interested in working with me through in-person date coaching!