Online Dating Profile Review


Dating Site Profile Review

Girls look at your profile but never reply to your messages.

Your profile doesn’t do you justice.  To stand out, you need a trained eye and someone who really “gets you.” My comprehensive client survey enables me to get to know you on a deep level so I can I provide feedback that’s knowledgeable, actionable, honest, and true to who you really are.  


I can’t thank you enough for what you did. I’m talking to 4 different women and I have a coffee date next week. Thanks so very much.
— Brad, 28, a Health Information Tech
It must be working! Had a girl view my profile yesterday, and 5 emails later we are meeting for dinner tonight. You’re the best.
— Troy, 24, a Mechanical Engineer


Here’s how we’ll create a profile that makes women want to reply to your messages:

1) To start with, I’ll get to know you better with my comprehensive client survey about your life, interests, passions, values, dating frustrations, and relationship hopes and goals.

2) With that knowledge, I’ll review your full profile – your written profile, your pictures, basic info, and the important questions you’ve answered.  I do this with two priorities in mind: 1) who you are, and 2) what she sees. 

3) Next, I’ll focus in on any mistakes, red flags, and weak areas in your profile that 1) don’t do you justice, and 2) negatively affect how women see you.  

4) I create an outline in writing with the best strategies to revise your profile – covering mistakes made in your current profile, how to fix them, what to highlight most from your client survey, and specific recommendations to do yourself justice online. 

5) We’ll work together in an round of interactive revision, focusing on highlighting what makes you great.  It’s our goal to make sure we’re featuring your strengths and showing your personality to your best advantage.

6) I’ll also help you fill out more of your profile the right way.  For example, if you’re not sure how to word something, I’ll help you express it.  

7) I’ll also review and help you choose your best profile pictures, too!  We’ll work together until we’ve got a great starting lineup.

8) I’ll be with you the whole way.  And by the end, I’ll know you a lot better.  We’ll review your profile together one more time – so you get feedback from an objective expert and a friend.

BONUS!  Want a second chance with a girl you previously messaged?  Let me know.  Based on what I know from your profiles, I’ll suggest a way to message her again now that you’re profile at its best.

Dating Site Profile Review



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Client Testimonials

Thank you very much! Your recommendations have been extremely helpful throughout this process!
— Anthony, 28, an Army Officer

(Anthony had never met a girl in person from online dating. A few weeks after our work together on his new profile, he locked in a first date with a great girl on OKCupid! They’ve been together ever since!)

I’ve had a significant turnaround: a couple dates scheduled for this week already. All I can say is wow! The review of my profile was not only thorough, it was targeted and specific to me. This was above and beyond expectations and very, VERY helpful! You’re a great help to guys like me that need a that extra edge! You’ve saved my dating future!
— Matt, 35, an IT Analyst

(3 months after our work together, Matt got to deactivate his profile!  He said: “I have indeed found someone. She’s a lovely woman. I think it was your profile review and tips on your site that helped, so I owe you a huge thanks!”)

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