Services Overview

You send lots of messages, but don’t get any replies. 

It’s probably not your profile’s fault. After reviewing hundreds of clients’ messages, I know the most common mistakes men make and how to fix them — fast! Here’s how I’ll help you get more replies and more first dates.

You’re pretty confident in your profile, but still aren’t getting the results you want.

Let’s make sure you aren’t accidentally scaring women off! You need a detailed once-over that will reveal any problems on your profile and outline the solutions. Here’s how I’ll help you get the results you deserve.

Girls look at your profile but never reply to your messages.  

Your profile doesn’t do you justice. I know what women want and the profile mistakes men make. To stand out, you need a trained eye AND someone who really “gets you.” My comprehensive client survey will get you there.

You know your profile is weak. Or you’re totally new to online dating

You need a great profile! After countless men asked me to “write” their profiles for them, I created a custom process to create profiles for my clients — painlessly, in their own words, with very little writing involved! Using my comprehensive client survey and just one 45-minute Skype call, we’ll create a profile together that will do you justice, make you feel confident, and make you stand out online. Here’s how it works.