Online Dating Coaching Session

You’re stuck on a specific problem or question and want to figure it out ASAP.

Let's get to the bottom of it. In an in-person meeting, a phone call, or Skype session, we'll talk through the issue you're experiencing and come up with a solution and an action plan to implement immediately for better results.

It was a real pleasure to actually feel like I was listening to someone who really gets both where I’m coming from, and who seems to have a very accurate and real understanding of people. It’s rare to see and I felt very at ease with your comments.
— James, 35, a Software Developer
This changes my tactics significantly. And in a great way! Super insight that I absolutely need to know. Thanks!
— Andy, 46, a Financial Advisor

Here are some examples of issues I've helped men with recently:

Texting/Messaging: if you're unsure of how to keep the conversation going, ask her to meet, deal with someone who comes and goes, or get a little flirty without scaring her off.

Dating: if you're unsure about what to talk about on a first date, where to go on a first (or third!) date, when to kiss her (or how to make a move), how to follow up after a great date or let her down easy after a not-so-great date.

Personal: if you're unsure of how to reveal personal information that seems to be a dealbreaker (but doesn't need to be!), how to ask her for personal information, why you keep getting ghosted, how to re-wire negative thought patterns and self-limiting beliefs around dating.

What's your current challenge? Let's figure it out so it stops holding you back.

Online Dating Coaching Session


1 Hour Session

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Client Testimonials

I was REALLY impressed and appreciative of the me-specific advice and analysis you did. I did not expect suggestions with so much detail and thought. Many thanks for the helpful advice.
— Ray, 43, an Attorney
I value your precise advice by paying attention to all the details. Thank you for giving me constructive feedback. I can now proceed with my messaging strategy with confidence. Your advice also applies to communication beyond online dating, and I see that you genuinely care about our success.
— Todd, 50, a Park Ranger
Thank you so much for your insight! I did not realize the two issues you pointed out in my messages and profile. Thank you for your help!
— Tyler, 20, a Student
This was incredibly helpful. I hadn’t been on in a few months and knew I had some adjustments to make, but figured I’d wait for your expert feedback. I’m glad I did.
— Alex, 26, a Marketing Account Manager
Thank you very much for the good advice. You really helped me a lot and put me on the right path.
— Vito, Real Estate Agent & #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author