Client Testimonials for Em's Online Dating Services:

I’ve had a significant turnaround: a couple dates scheduled for this week already.

All I can say is wow! The review of my profile was not only thorough, it was targeted and specific to me. I’ll be honest, I expected a canned suggestion of generalized improvements. This was above and beyond expectations and very, VERY helpful!

Thank you! You’re a great help to guys like me that need a that extra edge! You’ve saved my dating future!
— Matt, 35, an IT Analyst

3 months after our profile review, Matt got to deactivate his profile!  He said:

I have indeed found someone. She’s a lovely woman. I think it was your profile review and tips on your site that helped, so I owe you a huge thanks!
— Matt, 35, an IT Analyst

It was a real pleasure to actually feel like I was listening to someone who really gets both where I’m coming from, and who seems to have a very accurate and real understanding of people. It’s rare to see and I felt very at ease with your comments.

On the advice, it’s all completely sound and I will take all of that on board. Thanks so much for the insight.
— James, 35, a Software Developer

It must be working! Had a girl view my profile yesterday, and 5 emails later we are meeting for dinner tonight. You’re the best.
— Troy, 24, a Mechanical Engineer

Troy reported back that it was a great date! Plus, he had another first date lined up the next night!

I can’t thank you enough for what you did. I’m talking to 4 different women and I have a coffee date next week. Thanks so very much.
— Brad, 28, a Health Information Tech

I just started talking to someone, with my new profile, and we have SO SO much in common. I’m really excited to see what happens.

I’ve already received a lot of positive response from my new profile, more than I was getting before. I really want to thank you. You definitely know what you are doing.
— Matt, 32, a Marketing Director

We figured out how to do Matt justice in his new profile over a Skype session, an intensive questionnaire, and lots of emails. The best part? Matt's new profile is 100% his own words. No false advertising here! This is what the process looks like.

I was REALLY impressed and appreciative of the me-specific advice and analysis you did. I did not expect suggestions with so much detail and thought. Many thanks for the helpful advice and time that you put in.
— Ray, 43, an Attorney

Thank you very much! Your recommendations have been extremely helpful and no doubt helped me throughout this process!
— Anthony, 28, an Army Officer

Anthony never had met a girl through online dating.  Just a few weeks after hiring me, he had a first date with a great girl on OKC!  They celebrated their two-month anniversary in Feb. 2015.  Anthony says, "Things are going great!"

Thank you very much for the review of my profile and good advice. You really helped me a lot and put me on the right path.
— Vito, Real Estate Agent & #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author

Thank you for this insanely awesome review! These suggestions are fantastic. You are very good at what you do.

What you provided was way beyond what I was expecting. I had done a good deal of research on online dating and profile advice and saw several other ‘services’ that just seemed like huge scams geared toward guys who want to date as many women as possible. That’s not me, so when I found your site and started reading your articles, everything just made so much sense.

Your advice was designed to create a great profile for finding a great match, instead of cut and paste answers and emails setup to play some kind of game. I also like the fact that you are a women who is offering this advice based on real life experience. It’s obvious you put a lot of thought into this, so thank you.
— Tyler, 43, IT Professional

Thank you so much for your insight! I did not realize the two issues you pointed out in my messages and profile. Thank you for your help!
— Skylar, 20, a Student

TWO girls messaged ME first in the week after my profile review. That’s a very rare thing. In one week, I’ve also gotten 4 returned messages out of 11 sent (I used your messaging techniques and advice to write those). That’s definitely better than my previous numbers.
— Alex, 24, an Actor

Thank you very much for the in-depth review of my profiles. Both profiles read significantly better following your review and kind recommendations. Thank you also for such detailed responses to my questions and clarifications, too. I really appreciate the work you have done — it’s exceeded my expectations!
— Barry, 32, a Consultant

Em, thank you for the amazing feedback! Not everybody can take an objective look at themselves, and what you do certainly is a valuable service :) Thanks again!
— Jeff, 37, an IT Tech

This was incredibly helpful. I have already shared your site with a few friends who are also embarking on the online dating adventure. I actually hadn’t been on in a few months and knew I had some adjustments to make, but figured I’d wait for your expert feedback. And I’m glad I did.
— Alex, 26, a Marketing Account Manager

The specifics you get into are excellent. These are the things I’d wish I’d had to look at before trying to create a profile. It would have saved me a great deal of time and effort, instead of trying to work out the kinks the hard way.
— Patrick, 27, an Engineer

You did it! I am talking to two woman and one is very promising. I took your advice and updated my profile quite extensively. The credit goes to you for showing me what I was missing and what I was saying wrong.
— Cory, 34, Works in Technology

You actually did research for this site and backed it up with sources!  I like that.  That sets your work apart from other articles I’ve read on sites like
— Travis, 27, an Engineer

I’m talking to two girls. If I observe things statistically, I’ve gotten responses from 1 out of 5 girls since I’ve updated my profile, which is slightly better than before.
— John, 24, an Engineer

It was perfectly done advice, Em. Very thorough and well-explained. This kind of examination and response and follow up is worthy of money. It was a really good go-over.
— Alex, 24, an Actor

Ok, so this proved to be excellent advice. I have a ton more views, and in the last 24 hours I’ve had at least 10 women like my profile in Quickmatch. So, again, thank you.
— Crucifictorious2.0, via Lifehacker

Hey, thank you very much for the critique! I am tweaking it with your tips as we speak :)
— ATinyBox, via Reddit
You’re a ton of help, thanks!
— Houwitzer, via Reddit
This was very informative. Thanks for the critique and the kind words.
— Okcthrowaway124, via Reddit
Check it out now...I definitely liked your advice. Thanks.
— BigBoss722, via Reddit

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