App Profile & Texting Review


App Profile & Texting Review


No one replies to your messages.

After reviewing hundreds of clients' messages, I know the most common mistakes men make and how to fix them -- fast!  You need a detailed once-over that will reveal the problems in your messages and outline the solutions. Here's how I'll help you get more replies and more first dates.

Give yourself the upper hand:

1) Send me screenshots of 5 of your best messages.  (Make sure the screenshot includes the usernames and match percentages of the women you messaged.)  Or, you can send me your username and password -- and change your password when I'm done :)

2) I’ll review your messages, your profile, and the women's profiles (I use a private profile for this, or can use your account, if you prefer). 

3) Next, I’ll zero in on the problem areas in each message.  I’ll explain what didn’t work, why it caused issues for her, and what would have worked better.  If I see the same mistakes in all your messages, I’ll let you know what they are, why it’s a problem, and what would work better.

4) Then, I’ll give you personalized tips on how to improve your messaging game overall.  I make these suggestions based on what I know about you from your profile, your personality, and your natural writing style.

BONUS!  Want a second chance with a girl you've messaged?  Let me know.  Based on what I know from your profiles, I’ll suggest a way to message her again.

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