Profile Creation + Skype with Em


Profile Creation + Skype with Em


You’re totally new to online dating.  Or, you know your profile is weak... But you have no clue where to start.

I’m glad you’re here!  It’s good to know guys like you exist – guys who make an effort and take time to do things right. 

You need a great profile! 

Let's meet over Skype so I can help you get started.

1) To start with, I’ll get to know you better with my comprehensive survey about your life, interests, dating frustrations, and relationship hopes and goals.

2) Then, in our 45-minute Skype session, I'll dig a little deeper.  I want to find out what makes you different from other guys, the unique things that make you tick, and the special ways you’re a great catch.

3) After our call, I’ll create an outline for your whole profile.  This will be a detailed list based on what I’ve learned about your personality, passions, lifestyle, and the girl you’re looking for.

My outline will make your job easy.  All you’ll need to do is connect the dots with your own words. 

4) After you’ve completed your profile, I’ll review it for you.  I’ll also help you avoid the usual profile mistakes that other guys make. 

5) Then, I’ll walk you through a round of revisions.  It’s our goal to make sure we’re highlighting your strengths and showing your personality to your best advantage. 

6) When you’re ready to choose profile pictures, I’ll help with that, too!  Great profile pictures are only part of the game.  It’s also important that your pictures look like you – and also seem happy, interesting, and non-threatening.  We’ll work together until we’ve got a great starting lineup!

When we’re done, you’ll have a great profile and your best pictures.  You’ll feel confident you’re putting your best self out there – but also your real self.  Because that’s who’s going to get the girl!

BONUS: When we’re done your Profile Creation, you’ll get a Message Review for FREE.  Check back in with me after you’ve had time to look around and send some messages.  We’ll talk about how things are working out, and I’ll review some of your best messages.  Then, we’ll work together from there to make sure you’re writing great messages…and on your way to finding a great girl.

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